Short Stories

antgeneratorElizabeth Harris is the author of The Ant Generator, a collection of stories published by University of Iowa Press, and of Mayhem: Three Lives of a Woman, forthcoming from Gival Press in October, 2015. Both books won national prizes.

Reviews of The Ant Generator:

“. . . Harris shows a great gift for capturing those moments when modern life is just a bubble or two off plumb, as the old saying goes.” (Judyth Rigler, Waco Tribune-Herald)

“finely drawn stories. . .about the contrivances people use to try to pluck meaning from the everyday whirl.” (Mark Dery, New York Times Book Review)

“Throughout the collection,. . . narrators tell stories to preserve memories, assuage guilt, or, in ‘All Dance,’ to bear witness to an extraordinary person:. . . its subject matter is not only Beatrice, but the narrator who admires her and the fragile medium. . .through which she re-creates her idol.” (Yvonne Fraticelli, Bloomsbury Review)

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